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Why Agility Train

Why Agility Train

There’s such an extensive variety of reasons for dog agility. Just two considerations to take into account are your dog’s talents as well as your aims. Are your aims to create a closer connection, while having fun, or is your ultimate goal to test your talents as well as your dogs, to climb the ladder of agility abilities? Would you like to build up some self-assurance in a fearful or timid dog? Or would you like to help a dog who is always in super active mode, get some of that pent up energy out of its system in a restricted and reasonable way? These things are important to take into account when starting off on this endeavor.

An agility training course utilizes various pieces of equipment; jumps, closed tunnel, weaves, tunnels, and the important pause table. It will be a nice touch to your training to have a complete set of agility gear sitting in wait at home, but it’s not needed. Equipment includes dog-walks, teeters and A-frames. You should try to get at least an obstacle. If you are unable to fit equipment in your yard or budget, then I would suggest a shorter walk to replace a 12’ or better still, select from the smaller equipment available for in-home and ease in  transport use. If the event space or budget prohibits multiple jumps, then you can use singles together, to mimic the others. Tire jumps, which are popular (and not too expensive) are a good item to get for backyard training. One of the “must have” pieces of equipment in a training program is the pause table. It is your point of beginning to build distance and teach the necessary direction commands to your dog. Weaves are also important in home equipment. What kind of weave depends on the method of weaving is being taught. Are you being taught using angled weaves, or straight lined weaves? If your teacher is teaching the straight, then makes sense to buy the exact same form of weaves. Buja boards are outstanding for fearful dogs that should develop confidence. There is a huge assortment of training guides which will be able to help and assist you concerning the equipment itself, plus help to train the kind of response you would like from your best friend.



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