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American Kennel Club Top 31, Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

#7 The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed A great little dog in size, but ever so large in stature, the Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) is a mix of some of the finest terriers ever …

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#6 The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs Although the French Bulldog shares the same origins as the English Bulldog, namely that it grew from the blood sport of bull- and bear-baiting, there are few other …

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#5 The Beagle

Beagles While the Beagle as we know it has only been around for approximately 185 years, possible ancestors to the breed have been depicted in art and literature since the …

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#4 The Bulldog

Bulldogs Among the most popular dog breeds in America the Bulldog is one of the oldest. First mentioned in European literature in 1500, the Bulldog’s history is one born out …

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#3 The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers Almost ubiquitously recognized as the quintessential guide dog, search and rescue animal, or family companion, it is hard to imagine that the Golden Retriever was originally bred solely …

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#2 The German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs As the name suggests, German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) descended from Germany, where they were originally bred as working dogs used for herding sheep. Despite the GSDs popularity …

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