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You and your Veterinarian – Part 1, Creating a Proper Balance in the Relationship

When it comes to your dog’s health, only one person is responsible – You. More so, the big part of that responsibility rests on you getting the right veterinary care, as well as, attention for your pet, and this can only be perfected by establishing an honest relationship with any vet of your choice.

Nevertheless, the mistake most pet owners make, which might include you, is that they look on to their veterinarian as a solution to their pet’s health problem only, and never for prevention of health problems – a big mistake. However, your utmost responsibility as a dog owner is to go a little bit further with a view to understanding your vet’s role with your own role, as well as, to establish a successful relationship.

What Exactly is the Veterinarian’s Job

Your veterinarian’s job is to be your partner, and help you keep your dog very healthy as long as possible. More so, your job as a dog owner is to be a good partner to your veterinarian, and to remind them of what you need to keep your pet in good health.

Typically, you and your vet have to make sure that you are educated on how to maintain a perfect health for your dog, that you ask for help when and wherever needed, that you assist your dog in being a good patient, and that you receive all the information needed to make the right decisions at the appropriate times. Nevertheless, the final responsibility still rests with you at the end, and you have the more arduous task, since you are the pet owner.

Remember, this is actually a change from the way doctors, whether veterinarians or physicians, have formally viewed their roles. The former ways had vets stand on a position of authority, very distant from their patients, but then, a pedestal is a very limited platform on which to build a good partnership.

Teaching dog owners, the real caretakers of their pets, to do their best with what they have at their disposal with a view to achieving a great health for their pets is what veterinary schools should focus on teaching their doctors.

The thing is, there are still a host of doctors who believe that what they think of your dog is more paramount than what you, the dog owner think of your pet – this is very wrong. These are aftermaths of the old model of medicinal practice in which doctors reigned supreme. However, things are changing gradually because of the entrant of human medicine.

There has been a rise on the number of clients that is less accepting of that old model of practice, and as such, veterinarians can follow willingly or be coerced into the new world. Moreover, it’s in the interest of both parties that the changes go smoothly. Just like any other relationship, being aware, as well as, sympathetic of the other person’s strengths and weaknesses intensifies the possibility of building and sustaining a strong relationship.


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