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Dog Training_ Should I go Solo or Not



Dog Training: Should I Go Solo or Not?

Obedience training done by yourself may appear to be a huge job. However, it can also be extremely rewarding as you are not only learning how to become a dog trainer, but you will also have a dog that truly honors YOU personally and not some random dog trainer.

Of course, you won’t get the usual dog trainer salary, but you’ll feel an excellent sense of personal achievement for going solo.

Dog obedience training allows you to communicate to your dog how you expect them to behave in a variety of different scenarios. It provides you with important tools that you can use on distinct occasions to replace bad behaviors with good ones. Over time after taking many training classes, you’ll discover that dogs truly want to please you, the owner, and will go to great heights to do so. However, this can only occur once they clearly understand what you are after.

DIY Training 

A professional dog trainer will be with your pet each week and teach it valuable, new commands, behaviors, and dog tricks that can certainly bring out the very best in your pet. While they can make your dog behave in a way that you have always dreamed of, there is something that should be said about doing it yourself.

Namely, there is that mysterious metaphysical connection that takes place between a human and a dog – a magic bond, that when achieved can bring out a certain sense of thrill and enjoyment that the owner would otherwise not be able to experience.

It takes much more to train a dog than to simply part with your cash and allow an expert to takeover. Not only is this expense prohibitive for a lot of people, but many people just get an uncanny sense of enjoyment that builds a deeper, stronger connection with their pet. This certainly goes beyond merely learning how to train a dog to sit!


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