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The Bond between People and Dogs


The Bond between People and Dogs

Our fair friends have never really been our enemies since the beginning. They were our hunting partners working side by side, helping us to track down prey during ancient times. In recent times though, we have built a stronger relationship with dogs, evolving a peculiar, emotional bond by keeping them in our homes as pets.

Perhaps dogs have become so popular as pets because they have us humans as an entity that they can look up to. In any case, they truly bring us a feeling of comfort anytime we are feeling down. Some experts believe it has to do with their unquestioning nature. Humans tend to be inquisitive and try to find the “why” in everything. Sometimes, all a person who is feeling depressed needs is someone – or a pet – that can just be around them without questioning why.

Furthermore, dogs express a kind of unconditional love and camaraderie which is the highly sought after by people, while also keeping us active in order to stay healthy. More importantly, there is no need to teach dogs to be loyal. They just are.  This is one reason why so many dogs are used in therapy, as they are naturally just such great companions. The love and happiness they bring to the old and infirmed is priceless.

 The Best Way to Strengthen the Human-Canine Bond

The human-canine bond begins the minute they meet and continues to grow over time. There are many things you can do to reinforce this bond and one of the best ways to start is to do more activities together, whether you are just raising a puppy or training a guard dog. Dog lovers from around the world have always found a variety of creative tasks that the dog can do together with its owner. Opportunities exist for fly-ball, biking, sledding, Frisbee, and much more. These activities do more than the occasional walk.

The more you attempt to recognize and support any interest involving you and your dog, the better you’ll be able to strengthen the bond with your pet.



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