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Subtle Signals of Communication from your Dog

Subtle Signals of Communication from your Dog

Dogs being pack animals, are social by their very nature. This makes the ability to communicate with them effectively absolutely essential. Learning to do this in the form of fun puppy training games at a young age, is always the most effective way to go about doing it. Puppies start communicating with other dogs very early just as humans do, although they use a completely different language.

What would this world be like if dogs could speak our language? Would that make them any less cute than they are today? We would most likely continue loving them just as much. In fact, there are certain similarities in our two “languages.” For example, dogs also convey what they want to “say” through vocalization. As dog owners, we’ve learned to comprehend the majority of these sounds and can take advantage of these sounds to understand what’s going on in the mind of the dog. Dogs have a variety of ways of barking, crying and whining with respect to the message they want to get across.

Other Forms of Dog Communication

More interestingly, dogs can convey important messages using their eyes. Direct eye contact is often used to get our full focus, or can also be a signal of dominance or challenge. The aim of effective dog obedience training should be to achieve that telltale glowing stare from the eyes of your companion that reveals his devotion and loyalty for you.

Dogs might be unable to speak, nevertheless they convey a lot using their eyes, their tail, as well as their body language. And undoubtedly, they are going to bark. A short, sharp bark will most likely signify excitement.

It is important to be sensitive and attempt to understand these signals in order for the people and dogs to cohabitate.



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