Time spent Grooming

Anyone who owns a dog certainly knows the time and commitment, necessary to maintain a nice looking coat.


Some dogs are easy to keep, or at least mostly easy to keep looking clean and fresh. But some of the long haired breeds require regular brushing without which, the coat will tangle snarl and mat, and keeping a mat free coat on some dogs, can put a pretty substantial dent, in your free time. Not only is a matted coat, unsightly but more importantly unhealthy, for you, your family and your dog.


And then let’s not forget about shedding, a common misconception is that short haired dogs don’t shed, not at all true. As a matter of fact, some of the shorthaired breeds make keeping a hair free home harder to maintain, than owing one of the long haired varieties, (those short hairs just seem to be able to weave their way into most any kind of fabric, making them irritatingly difficult to remove)


Some breeds only shed once a year, it’s just that their shedding season lasts 365 days. A quality vacuum cleaner is always a good investment, for the owner of a dog who sheds.


One of the ways to help keep the shedding situation become slightly less of a nightmare, is through the use of a brush.  It would be impossible to go into all of the various types of brushes and combs necessary for each breed, but keep in mind that even for the shortest of shorthaired dogs, you will need a brush of some type.


And if you do not listen to a word in this article, listen to this…Get your dog used to being groomed as early as possible, having to fight tooth and nail, with a dog for a simple brushing, or bath, makes your willingness to do the work, fall drastically.


As with everything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the brush. Find someone who knows grooming to show you the proper technique, there is more to brushing, than just long gentle strokes.  (More about brushing in articles to come)


Let’s not forget about the bath, as with using the brush, you would be well advised to start, getting your puppy into the tub as soon as you can. If they are old enough to go out and get dirty, they are old enough to get a bath. Just use some common sense when choosing where and when to bath. Some dog’s personalities leave no option but to make bath time into two person job, so have someone else hold the puppy, while you get busy washing and shampooing. This dramatically cuts down on the time invested, and the mental anguish of bath time.


If the idea of spending your time grooming the dog doesn’t fill you with delight, either through lack of interest, or lack of ability. There are dozens upon dozens of grooming shops out there, who are more than happy to take your money. Most of which, are under appreciated, veritable wizards, who can transform your dog, into a picture perfect pet. And all, in the course of just one, short afternoon.


Let’s face it; a nice clean groomed dog does seem to have a certain spring in its step. And it should your heart good to see your best friend upbeat and happy.


And yes, I know how they love to roll in every disgusting thing in sight or how much they enjoy digging in the dirt for the sake of digging.


In closing please realize this;


Dogs can’t groom themselves; therefore, the condition of your dog is a direct reflection on you, and represents the amount of love, caring and attention you give to your dog. So let it be evident to all, that you and your dog are a team, each giving to the benefit of the other.



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