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Earning a Dog’s Loyalty takes Ample Time and Patience.


Earning a Dog’s Loyalty Takes Ample Time and Patience

Some people consider dogs to be “dumb animals,” even though the truth is that dogs can offer unbelievable help when it comes to directing the blind, finding explosives, and safeguarding their family and countless other touching ways. Nevertheless, a dog learns to do all this by creating a strong bond with its owners. This bond does not just come naturally. It must be earned. A dog is actually very happy to learn from you, as long as you are ready and willing to be a loving, fair, and accommodating owner.

Your dog will pick you over anyone else when the right bond is in place. Your pet provides you with unconditional love, friendship, and devotion. It’s your job to be available for your pet when they need you. This does not mean to treat them like royalty even when they don’t deserve it. Sure, your pet wants your love and admiration but also wants your honesty.

Tips for Building Greater Loyalty

Give them some more attention.

Sit on the ground and play with them.

Engage yourself in play with them.

Obedience games are worth more than just having fun.

Train using only positive motivational methods.

Above all don’t just work them, it is not master and slave relationship, you are a team.

These kinds of things can go a long way into building a stronger relationship!


Anytime an animal appears to be disloyal or uncooperative, we immediately tag them as a “dumb” or “independent” animal, when sometimes all that is required is a bit more time to build a stronger relationship between man and animal. A dog can provide you with a lifetime of loyalty, but with some dogs it must be earned. Therefore, it does not always happen overnight!

You have to encourage loyalty by rewarding your dog from time to time as a show of great friendship. Obviously, punishing also likely to be counterproductive. Should you penalize it without motive, don’t be prepared to get loyalty out of the dog.  (Refer to the Trainer’s Pledge on this site.)

It’s always possible for anyone to simply work their dog more, but that is not enough. You must continue respecting and loving it, working toward creating a stronger bond. In any case, if you do, your dog will reciprocate in kind. There is no doubt about that.


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