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Dog Food is not just something to fill the void.

Dog Food is not just something to fill the void.     Your first line of questioning, regarding the value of the food you put in that dish, is to simply ask your Veterinarian. He is the one with the degree. A concerned Veterinarian will want the same thing you want, for your dog, a complete proportionate diet that includes all the necessary ingredients, to promote a sound and healthy body.   Often he will make suggestions based on your particular dog. But most often that suggestion is a quality Dry Dog Food, for a multitude of reasons, the least of which is helping promote good dental hygiene.   Every dog is a unique being, and who would know your best friend better than you, and you’re Veterinarian. Not that finding what is the best food is always an easy task. There are many things that weigh into consideration. First is the obvious allergy issues, then there is the weight of the dog, some dogs are just plain obese, while some dogs just can’t get up to their proper weight, no matter how much food,  or what kind of food is offered, even the breed (large puppies often need extra supplements) can play into developing a complete diet.   Remember that diet is not just for his physical wellbeing, there is ample evidence out there, which provides a direct correlation between diet and emotional health.   As your dog goes through various growth stages, his needs do not remain stable. Puppies and their structural development, has an effect on what is necessary, to provide for these bodily changes. It should go without saying that a Bred Female, needs to have her diet adjusted, to help with the new family, she is about to bring into the world.   The advertising world spends huge amounts of money to convince you that theirs is  “The Best” dog food, I know it can be tough to  not follow the marketing. Just remember that it is your Veterinarian who should be calling that shot.   Remember, it should be apparent to all that, a well fed dog has a much better chance of living, a happy and healthy life. Making sure that his diet is right, certainly does tilt the scales in favor, to keep him in good health, all the way into those Golden Years.


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