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Your Canine Just Might Be Man’s Best Remedy For Depression

It is common place to undergo stressful circumstances on a day to day basis, some problems being worse  than others. Having to cope with the loss of a loved one, never ending financial troubles, vehicle problems, medical bills, and even the way other people treat you play into the common stressors on a day to day basis for individuals. Some individuals are care free, not allowing these circumstances to bother them, while some people prosper in times of stress or hardship and use the negative energy to triumph over their problems. However;, for some individuals, unfortunately this is a trigger for depressions. Day-to-day issues can permanently damage especially those who have carried depression in their genes for generations or have history of depression with a pessimistic personality, if the lifestyle and wellbeing if the depression is not treated as soon as possible.


People will go to all lengths to try to relieve depressive illness, such as seeing a physiatrist, taking prescribed or over the counter medicines, visiting with friends or family, and even taking a long walk to clear their mind. Although some of those methods are tried and true, a new research is showing that dogs offer a new insight into the cure for depression. According to Ian Cook, MD, a psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA.

 “Pets offer an unconditional love that can be very helpful to people with depression


As a way to communicate to viewers, tips as well as the latest discoveries into the remedies and ailments of depressions, award winning actress Linda Dano, is coming to air “Support Partners.” Committed to assisting viewers with depressions, the program has accepted sponsorship from Eli Lilly And Company as well as the Psychiatric Service Dog Society.


Dogs can play an extremely important roll in the distressed patients life. By including a canine companion in the patients support network, learning how to fight off depression comes a lot more naturally for the patient. Daily walks with a dog helps to reduce and even fight off at least some of the symptoms of depression like fatigue or lack of energy. Research shows that many pet owners believe that their companions are tied into their emotion and wellbeing in many ways. When ever they are feeling sad or lonely, they know they can always turn to “man’s best friend” for support whenever they need to. Another study shows that half of the population with dogs as companions say that their dogs play huge rolls and make extraordinary differences in their lives.


In some ways canine companions almost replace the rolls of a human but it is extremely important not to ever confuse the two. It is true that dogs are able to fill the physical void of a human listener when you need to talk or even a work out partner when you want to get out doors. It is very important also to recognize the difference between interaction with your canine and interaction with humans. By utilizing a canine throughout the day that would otherwise be spent alone, the companion ship is more than beneficial but having a support group that can offer human assistance in the fighting of depression is equally as important. From the dawn of man, there have been findings that Dog has always been Man’s best friend. With loyalty and integrity as a canines strongest characteristics, there is no medicine on the market today, that can pick you up, when you are at your lowest of low’s and to be able to count on it to be waiting at home by the front door, happy to make you happy again.


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