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How Dog Obedience Games can add some spark to Your Training


How Dog Obedience Games Can Add Some Spark to Your Training

Some people are not keen on the idea of enrolling their pet into professional dog obedience schools and dog training classes. The cost of these courses can be quite a burden on many families in today’s demanding economic climate. Fortunately, there are now a wide range of alternatives for dog obedience training, many of which can be done from the comforts of your own home. One such example is the use of dog obedience games, which can be exceptionally effective in solving many dog behavioral issues, without ever having to make a correction.

Benefits of Using Dog Obedience Games

One of the top benefits of using dog obedience games is that dogs tend to be more responsive to such approaches due to their inherent playful nature. This is especially true of younger dogs that tend to soak up information like a sponge. Who hasn’t already been exasperated by a little puppy’s drifting focus anytime you try to teach it something new? Even though this may seem very frustrating, it is entirely unfair to place blame on the dog since it is only a natural inclination to investigate its surroundings.

Anyone who has attended training classes in the past knows just how many times you have to repeat the basic “sit” command before ever getting the first response from your dog. While such techniques are effective, they can get dull, resulting in a loss of interest. The use of dog games are a fun way to turn such repetition into a more engaging activity, so that your dog actually becomes more interested in what your trying to teach.

The secret to making dog obedience games work is to tap into all of that unfocused energy your dog harbors and put it into a small game that you both can play. As you and your pet play with dog obedience games, you will find that it not only learns new things quicker, but it also builds a stronger bond between you and your dog. Who knows? They may even stop chewing on the couch as a result!

The internet abounds with all kinds of fun interactive obedience games, that can be played individually or as a group. Do a simple search for ideas (Google is everybody’s friend) then let your own creativity explode.

Always remember to end games when your pet becomes tired. With some dogs, only 10 minutes of heavy exercise can be enough to tire him out completely.



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