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walk into any pet store or pet department will present row upon row of pet deodorizers as far as the eye can see. Well, maybe not that far, but there are enough pet deodorizers to choose from to confuse the best and brightest among us.

So let’s break it down using the good old “Who, What, and Where?“

Who are you going to use it on? Are you looking to use it on Fluffy or use it on the carpet? Is it safe to use in direct contact?

What kind of deodorizer are you interested in? There are so many deodorizers on the market, each having its own merits (merits, may be a bit of a stretch for some of them on the market). But one thing is for sure, you can choose between something that is all-natural or a man-made product. You choose. It’s your Earth.

Many of the products marketed today do double duty. Some carpet deodorizers will also help to remove stains. There are deodorizers that also contain a germ killing disinfectant. Give thought to what you intend to do with the deodorizer and see if something with an added benefit appeals to you.

Where? Give some thought about where you need to use the deodorizer. This may well limit your choices. Pet odors can encompass every area of your life. Fortunately, there are deodorizers made for any area with that “troublesome odor.”  So when shopping, look for a type that serves that purpose. There are marketed deodorizing products for fabrics, for the carpet, to eliminate that horrible doggy odor coming from his bed. Or if he sleeps in your bed, that may very well be a suitable spot to work on (just made sure it is not harmful with direct contact). You can even get something to sweeten the great outdoors.

There are so many forms, but the usual that you get to pick from is either a spray can or a powder. Where are you planning to actually use the deodorizer?  Spray cans are generally used to ease application and are intended for direct use on surfaces. What can be easier to use then a spray can ?

Or do you prefer a powder? If so, will it affect the allergies of any family members? Some dogs are deathly afraid of anything coming from a spray can, so finding a nice powder (most will do some form of double duty) will certainly ease the drama for you both.

The contents of some deodorizers and air fresheners actually eliminate the odor, as opposed to deodorizers that just cover up the odor and mask that unpleasantness with its own scent. This decision alone may serve you well to help ferret out your choices.

Hopefully, by narrowing down the options, you will be better prepared to find what will serve you best.


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