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The Tone of your Voice,

The Tone of your Voice


Even the best dog trainer with years of experience will tell you that there’s still plenty of effort associated with making a stubborn dog obedient and that every trainer has their own particular views and strategies as to what works best.

Every dog responds in its own unique manner to various forms of stimulation and finding the technique that yields maximum efficacy and motivation requires time and patience. 

With all of the cool props and gear available for dog training these days such as flashy collars, special Training Vests, there must be at least 20 different leads out now, special dog diets, etc. The greatest tool for our dogs, remains to be the human voice. As humans we have become very proficient at recognizing each other’s voices, coming to the point that we don’t even have to hear the words legibly in order to understand what’s being said. For example, a warning tone or a cheerful tone” each is instantly recognizable. The same holds true for dogs. It is thus possible to instruct your pet how to be obedient by working with the sound of your voice to show signs of praise and discontent.

 This is important because, I have seen dogs who, are wonderful workers but appear totally disconnected to there handler. With these dogs it is evident that either the clicker has taken away all interaction, and they are now just machines, who are working for and addicted to the click, or the choke collar (a/k/a The old yank and crank method), has been used to the point of abuse.  

So please do not forget to praise, it is what is going to cement the bond between you and your dog.  Adding this to training doesn’t even require practice. You simply always have to remember to put a some emotion behind your voice and maintain a happy tone, so that the  pleasure of your dogs actions can come through. In no time, your dog will be able to associate the right behavior and rejoice at  hearing the tone of your voice. 

If you are one, who is somewhat lacking in the praise department, some concentrated effort on your part, will turn things around and  make the both of you into a fabulous working team, and really isn’t that the reason you have a dog.

If you feel self-conscious about giving heartfelt praise, here is a little exercise, to practice. It’s easy as pie, your job is simply to stand there and praise your dog that’s it, get him or her to wag their tail in delight over nothing but your voice, now I know that sounds silly to most, but I have been witness to people who were so self conscious even in front of their dog they could not do it.

But the positive is they learned how, and boy did it make a difference in both their dogs work and their feelings toward their dog. So if you Love them and their work, let them know.


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