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Some Facts about Dog Agility

Some Facts about Dog Agility

Currently, dog agility trials have become more popular than ever. Its origins can be traced back to England, but “agility fever” has spread quickly around the world. Now you can find the sport of agility being practiced almost everywhere people enjoy their K-9 friends.

Even though there are many Agility Clubs across the nation.  You need not to be necessarily affiliated with, nor live close to a club, to have a lot of fun exploring the abilities of your dog.

Dogs by nature are very intelligent animals and also love challenges. Not all breeds of dogs are the same. Each breed has its own assets and strengths. You can have a lot of fun exploring the abilities of your dog and should you get the “agility bug,” you can always move up to start training for competitions.

Even if you never get to the point of wanting to participate at trials, it is always advisable to try to stay somewhat connected with a club to check up on various events or trends happening in your area.  Agility people are a warm and friendly bunch. You will learn a lot, ranging from the training advice being shared by the more experienced in the game to the benefit of comradery of being with agility dog owners and their stories of success and failures.  Dog agility events are not just for competitions. They give everyone, novice and pro alike, the chance to meet some amazing dog owners and some amazing dog performers.

Agility Equipment

In the 1980s, dog agility competition became very popular around the globe and since then, its fans have been searching for the top notch training equipment for dogs that is of higher quality than the home made variety, all the while keeping affordability of price as a priority.

There are various dog training obstacles for which some include dog walks; A-frames, weave poles, contact trainer, mini contact equipment, jumps (single, double, and triple), barrels, teeters, and chutes.

When it comes to choosing equipment whether it is for your own backyard fun or for competition, it should be of high quality, strong, and durable enough to withstand untold sessions of practice with no risk of injury to both you and your dog.  All the while keeping the ease of construction, and the ease of dismantling, as a point of focus.

Remember, safety is first in priorities, as the most important thing when it comes to agility dog training equipment.





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