Dressing Your Dog



There’s nothing more adorable than having the ability to dress up your dog in special dog clothing. What can be more adorable than seeing your dog in a hoodie with matching shoes or boots?

Pet clothing is today some of the fashionable clothing in the history of dogs and has the additional benefit of keeping your pet dog warm during the cold months. While a lot of folks seem to simply dress up their dogs as ways to get more attention from people and to keep them looking stylish year round, dog clothing does have that additional practical function of keeping them very warm during the winter. Little dogs generate comparatively little heat and certainly not enough to keep their regular body temperature during winter. After all, they have such tiny body masses. Sadly, larger dogs aren’t truly keen on the idea of wearing clothing, so you may be discouraged about the idea of purchasing dog clothing for them. But despite what you may have been led to believe, there is a wide range of accessible clothing for larger breeds of dogs out there.

Many pet stores have a great selection of dog clothes in their inventories. You are no longer bound to small pet stores either, as even large, retail stores as gaining interest in selling dog clothing these days. Of course, there are a lot of catalogues out there which offer a large variety of doggy wear, but the web continues to be the most accessible medium in which you can locate all kinds of dog accessories including clothing at a very affordable cost.


Getting Started


The very first thing will be to think of what type of clothing you would want your own pet dog to wear. Dog clothing exists in great variety of formats, including jackets, raincoats, sweaters, coats and costumes, boots and shoes, T shirts, hats and bonnets, dresses, vests, pajamas, wedding & formal wears and much more. When you make a decision as to what type of dog clothing you’re seeking, your next step will be to determine the color you like best and also what you believe would look best on your dog.


There are thousands of colors selections available from green to black, and light pink to blue. Female dog clothing is usually found in pink or purple with bows or sequins and specialized layouts. Clothing fitted for male dogs usually come in more masculine designs and colors including camo, and occasionally even leather.

The most adorable dog clothing, of course can be fairly expensive. In the event you don’t want to spend too much cash on dog clothing, you can always ask someone who can sew some for you. That will surely give it a very unique touch, as you can also pick out the material and design you would like to ultimately use and can also add in your very own touches. By sewing dog clothing, your dog will instantly seem more adorable and have additional protection for the colder months.


Always remember that quality dog clothing is essential for your dog’s comfort and security, which you should take into consideration when selecting their clothing.


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