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Why Should You Purchase A Dog Crate?

Why Should You Purchase A Dog Crate?


That’s a question many people asked when faced with the decision. Probably, the best possible cause why anyone should have to supply their dogs with dog crates would be to safeguard them from the environment and its surroundings. Dog crates are very useful for both protection along with their practical purposes. It’s especially useful during the earlier years of the dog, as it may assist owners in helping to train their dogs.

Furthermore, owning a dog crate has many more benefits. For example, it is able to make your dog feel that he’s his very own lair, a place that he will always consider his private and cozy spot that will always feel secure and safe. Many dog owners have found it to be ideal for getting a nice head start on your dog’s potty training.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of crate to get! Read on for more details.


The most significant point to think about in selecting dog crates isn’t the model but size. Many pet owners make the cardinal mistake of buying too large crates for their pet dogs, thinking that they will be more comfortable that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re not talking about dog carriers or clothes here. Crates should be just big enough for your dog to lie down, sit, and turn around in.


Getting Ready for Potty Training

Keep in mind that crates are also given in order to prepare your for potty training. You should never leave your dog in the crate for an entire day, as this will be counterproductive in teaching him potty skills. You need to track the amount of hours your dog remains in the crate, while letting him out for even just a few minutes at a time so that he has the space and time to nurture those biological releases. Additionally, a tiny pup should never be put in a crate that is too big, as this will surely lead to him enabling one side of the crate for potty purposes and could also lead to undesirable behavioral issues in the future.


Some owners also prefer to purchase crates that are large because they believe that in the future their pet will grow larger and that it will prevent the need to purchase another crate. The alternative and preferable approach to this is to buy dividers instead. This means that you can purchase big crates, as long as you ensure that it also comes with dividers. In case the space of the crate is too large for your little pup, you can simply cut off some space together with the use of such dividers and then remove the dividers once the dog grows larger.

There are a few important things you should always consider when you want to position your pet dogs in a crate:


  1. Never set your dog into a crate together with his collar, as there is a high risk of strangling if the collar gets stuck in between the bars
  2. Do not leave anything including clothes near the crate, as this will most likely warrant a trip to the veterinarian if they manage to pull them into the crate.


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