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The Incredible Value of Socialization Skills


The Incredible Value of Socialization Skills


Socialization is a much-needed skill in dogs and is one of the highlights of why dog training and dog obedience training is so valuable. Although the “ideal” dog’s socialization interval usually takes place during the first 16 weeks of puppyhood that is not to say that it is completely possible in older dogs. However, it is during this period when he develops his true nature, behavior, customs, and character. The socialization period is also when he becomes more fixed to his family and to the environment around him.

During the first puppy training classes, your dog is literally forced to socialize with other dogs, which is why this kind of training is so essential. This way, when you take him outside for a walk he is not going to go wild whenever he sees other animals or pet dogs or start hollering every time a biker passes by. As an added bonus, your visitors will love coming to see again and will be very impressed by the development of your dog.

Dog training doesn’t begin or end in the classroom. In fact, research has shown that dog training is best started in places where the dog feels most secure and comfortable. And what better place would that be the place where he spends the most time – at your home!

Work with your dog trainer to find creative ways for training your dog so that all the shouting, barking and chewing can be tackled effectively in time.

Try something for the next couple of days. Make a note of everything that your dog does based on habit. For example, does he have a tendency to chew up anything made of leather, or does he work you endlessly every time you go out for a walk? Some habits can even be more subtle such as a slight quiet growling when he’s hungry, or balking at unknown objects, or people.

The first step in any dog training is to find out exactly what his bad habits are early so that you can find creative ways of getting rid of them. After all, it’s going to be you who is suffering most in the end. So, it’s a good idea to begin as early as possible with dog training lessons.


Obedience training is fairly self-explanatory. It quite simply comes down to educating your dog to obey your commands so that bad habits become less noticeable over time. It helps to get control over your dog once again and to appoint the appropriate house rules for him.

Developing your leadership abilities through positive reinforcement is the most essential step in getting your dog on the correct path towards breaking bad habits and replacing them with new ones, while honing his personality. If you ever decide to take up dog training, you’ll quickly notice one aspect of it that brings out the very best in your dog from day one – the ability to socialize.






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