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Collars, Leashes and Harnesses, Plain or Fancy, as long as they work



Dog collars and leashes are some of the most crucial dog supplies that you will end up using in a wide variety of scenarios. Both owners along with dog trainers may reap the benefits of using these tools. Another powerful tool – dog harnesses – are also excellent in case the shape of the dog isn’t ideal for a regular collar, as well as for those dogs that jump uncontrollably when excited.

Leashes and collars both come in many different styles and materials to match all kinds of tastes. Those made from leather are generally high-priced, although very strong. They also tend to wear nicely and are comfy to our hand, while never smelling bad. Just remember not to get them wet. Nylon-made leashes and collars come in many different designs as well as various colors. These are generally the easiest to product and are very easy to alter, while also being lasting and sturdy. Flexi leads have special retractable cords that give you much more freedom of movement, while training leashes are optimum for teaching commands and orders.


Note: Remember to always remain courteous when walking your dog. A well-trained dog is always such a joy to be around!

Dog collars should always fit pretty snuggly for comfort and you should have the ability to place two of your fingers between the collar and the neck for optimal space. This will ensure that the collar is not so loose that it will slide off the dog’s head. Don’t forget to take off any leather collars when the dog is planning to go for a swim or when you are bathing your dog.

Dog collars can look magnificent but also serve many practical purposes. For example, the most significant part of the collar is your dog’s ID label. This can hold valuable advice that will prove to be useful if your dog is ever lost and then located by a stranger. As you can see, dog leashes aren’t just any plain old accessories. They not only come in a wide variety of fashions and designs, but also allow you to have an easier grasp or hold on your dog, so that they do not run away when you’re walking them. Just be sure your dogs always appear comfy during any activity.

Dog harnesses are an undiscovered wonder for so many pet dog owners. Collars can be actually substituted by a dog harness if you ever find them suffering from the traditional collars. Typical harnesses consist of a special strip round the neck and another one around the torso. Some even resemble a Tshirt.

Leashes, collars and harnesses are just some of the straightforward tools to keep your pet dog from running away when you’re walking them or give you that extra edge over them when you find that they are misbehaving. Remember that keeping the dog in harnesses, leashes and collars might appear to be a punishment initially, so always be sure to use these tools during happy times as much as possible, so that they don’t acquire a dislike towards wearing them.


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