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Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday



Dogs have long been known as the closest “friend of man”. Your pet dog may even give you a little grin when you’re feeling blue and give you just the right amount of faith, commitment, faithfulness, and unquestioning loyalty to make you feel better again. After all these wonderful traits, why don’t you give him a special treat on his birthday?

There are several simple methods to make your dog feel special, and hosting a “dog party” is one of the most popular. It’s possible for you to make his birthday even more special by encouraging neighbor dogs and other dog owners to his/her party. Bake or avail a great cake or favorite food of the dog, while allowing all the invited dogs to enjoy your yard with bbq, hotdogs, fried chicken and bones. If you’re not keen on celebrating with foods, you can always take the dog pack out for a group walk with other dog owners.

Or perhaps your dog is registered with a local dog day care center, maybe then he could spend his birthday socializing in a more supervised environment together with his classmates. It is also possible to bring in some additional special treats like barbecues and hotdogs, which his classmates will all really enjoy. Try browsing the net or the yellow pages and to find a dog day care center near you and ask if they have special services like hosting dog birthday parties.

A trip to the pet store is just another exciting present you’ll be able to provide for your dog. For a little twist to the usual outing, why not let him roam the store to his heart’s content? Let your pet dog point out what truly catches his heart and buy it for him as a special gift. For example, you could let your dog sniff out fun toys and artificial bones. Additionally, be sure to let the shop workers understand that you are letting him roam about as a birthday gift. Sometimes, they might treat your pet or offer something special in return.

Special dog treats made at home made are also excellent solution to take care of your dog’s birthday. It’s possible for you to bake ultra-tasty, healthy and beautiful cakes as well as other treats on his birthday. Let your pet dog let him lick any dough leftover from the bowl and let him join you in your kitchen when you are doing the cooking.

Finally, a long, slow walk with a lot of stops for scenting is additionally a superb dog birthday gift. On his birthday, give him the chance to learn more about his environment, allowing him to sniff away and feel unique, while forgetting any time constraints. In that way, your pet dog will feel truly relaxed and can be alleviated from all anxiety.

Why not spoil your pet dog on his birthday? It is, after all, his very special day, as your loved one, as your friend and as your pet.


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