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It’s all about Reaping what you Sow


It’s all about Reaping What You Sow

Dogs generally have a certain inclination to follow their gut instincts. Canine behavior is the one thing that has given many specialists reasons to write books upon books on the topic of dog obedience and on how to train specific behaviors in a dog.

The best dog training books usually deal primarily with the subject of dog obedience with a big focus on why dogs act the way they do and how you can modify their behavior.  The reason behind that, is the fact that dogs absorb the things they have been educated to do very fast whether it was education simply by exposure to an event or deliberate training. Of course, dog aggression is definitely one event that will cause it to react the same at a later time.

Let’s Go A Little Back in Time with Some Virtual Dog Games

Imagine that you were a dog living centuries ago and came across a wolf in the wild. Wouldn’t you take an aggressive stance towards it, especially if the wolf was not planning to back down? After all, it would most likely be aiming for your throat. Although domestic dogs have lost some of that instinct and ferocity, there’s still a deeply engraved inclination towards responding with aggression when a dog is backed right into a corner. Canines were the primary species to be domesticated by people and their genetic relation with wolves is unmistakable. They have nearly indistinguishable teeth, adapted for grabbing and tearing apart their food.

Canines were domesticated by showering them with respect and admiration, instead of having taught them how to be even more aggressive. By entitling your dog with a sense of enjoyment through positive training, exercise and loving compassion, it will likely reciprocate in the best possible manner.

Utilize this instinct to your favor and watch how beautifully your dog flowers into a pet you can take great pride in, rather than him mimicking his wolf ancestors with blunted teeth and aggressive instincts.




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