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Why Training can give your Dog a sense of Joy



Why Training can give your Dog a sense of Joy

The dog owner should always remember to be joyful, since (my feeling is) a dog is an extension of their particular character. Today there are so many different forms of dog obedience training classes; the use of antiquated force training, (unfortunately is still somewhat with us) or operant conditioning a/k/a clicker training. However both of them have to find a way of truly motivating the dog to respond to your commands. Without this one crucial element, your dog will remain recalcitrant and unresponsive making all efforts of dog training futile.

Similarly to humans, dogs have a tendency to move towards pleasure and move away from fear and pain. When it comes to training a dog, you’ll certainly get some results by motivating a dog to act in a certain manner by using the “force and pain/collar and leash” method, but is that what you want? You have to ask yourself whether such results would truly be even remotely satisfactory to you or your dog.


It is obvious that effective training is when a dog responds happily to the owner’s commands, allowing for a more permanent solution of how to handle the problem of dog obedience training. And this can only be attained through the use of positive reward based training methods.  Think about it. How would you prefer to be taught, through the use of brute force and corrections, or positively motivating your successes?

The Very Nature of Dogs 

Most dogs are extremely faithful and keen to please their owner. Spending just 10 minutes a day, a couple of times a day, with focus on a positive reward based training technique, will teach your dog better obedience or delight your friends with some new dog tricks.

Remember, dogs are like young children with very short attention spans and spending more time may actually be counterproductive unless you have some truly fun games for dogs up your sleeve.

For those who are constantly worried about appearing too “soft,” it’s important to keep in mind that your dog will respond in precisely the way that it’s treated.

By supporting great behavior with positive reinforcements, you too will be rewarded with the behavior you have always dreamed of getting from your dog and your Dog will be more Joyful for it.


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