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Obedience Training, Some Points of Discussion

Obedience Training, Some Points of Discussion

Dog obedience training can be one of the best gifts an owner can give to their dog. It can solve many behavioral problems your dog may be having, and can be the perfect foundation to prevent any from arising in the future. Above all, it can open up a new line of communication between the dog and its owner. If you think about it, communication is the most important tool in your arsenal. Communication will not only help you to build a stronger relationship with your dog but will also ensure that you can help your dog to be better able to understand the training.

There is nothing more frustrating than to have an untrained dog as a pet. These are the kinds of dogs that bark every moment they can, chew up your couch, and pick fights with other dogs as well as your guests. Dog obedience training takes care of this directing their behaviors and energy in directions that are more acceptable in civilized company.

Dog obedience training is also the most solid way to establish firm social hierarchies, helping to ensure that the dog complies with and respects its owner. Of course, one should never go overboard and have the dog turn into a complete doormat. Training should remain fun for the owner as well as for the dog.

How Dog Obedience Training is Done, Techniques:

Private dog obedience training frequently only employs the use of two people, the trainer and the handler. This has the benefit of speeding up the training process considerably.

Group lessons on the other hand, have some benefits not afforded the private training. Things like socialization and distraction training are an invaluable aid to both the newbie and pro trainer alike.

No matter which, private or group, what is most essential is to develop a trusting and loving relationship between the dog and its handler?

There are essentially two styles of dog obedience training in most popular in dog training classes across the world, whether it is puppy kindergarten or guard dog training. The Operant Conditioning or reward based method and the correction based method.   In operant reward-based training, positive motivation is used help educate your dog.

Operant conditioning is a complicated fascinating subject. In a condensed explanation it is simply to get the desired behavior, you provide a reward (called a reinforcement) to your dog, something precious such as his favorite food or toy. There is a very detailed explanation of operant conditioning as a featured content item on this site.

The correction based training method is antiquated and has become less popular as a result. Various degrees of strength are used to gain control over the dog and to show him who is boss. A professional dog trainer knows exactly what kind of pull of the collar is needed at the right moment in order to get the desired response. We advise staying away from this forced type of training.  Dog obedience training should always be done using positive motivation and at the right speed and should be an integral part of every professional dog trainer’s curriculum.


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