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Spoiling your Dog May Eventually Backfire on you


Spoiling Your Dog May Eventually Backfire on You

Most pet owners are very reluctant to admit that they spoil their pet when it comes to treats, playing, and cuddles. There is certainly little shame in this considering that spoiling is often the main reason for getting the dog in the first place. However, spoiling can become a serious  problem if it is done too often causing problems for you, your family, and guests. .

It’s a nice feeling to give your dog a treat from time to time.  A small puppy tends to be the most prone to being spoiled since it often reminds us of little babies. But what happens when a “little pup” grows up and starts demanding everything, gets extremely upset and starts barking endlessly when he doesn’t get it? This kind of scenario is the perfect opportunity to enroll your furry little friend into the right puppy obedience training, or get serious and do the job yourself.

A spoiled dog has been trained to think the world revolves around them. Now they must be re-trained so that they learn once again about who is in control and that you are in command of them, not the other way around.

First, begin with only positive training basic obedience training classes, going over the most fundamental commands such as sit and stay commands, to begin a more suitable dog/handler relationship.

A dog will react in the manner that you want it to and define certain patterns as standard behavior. So, if you give the dog his favorite treat every hour for doing nothing, he will be conditioned to think that this is normal. So why should he have to do anything? He gets his treats for free.  Treats aren’t the only way that many dogs get spoiled. Make a list of other ways you may be spoiling your pet and you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

You need to keep a sharp eye on how often you give your dog his favorite “snacks” or toys, as this is a major component of training a dog for maximum success.




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