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The Future of Tomorrow’s Dog Trainers

The old saying that everybody needs a hobby is true, but some hobbies have far reaching benefits to our society and animals at large.

All one has to do is a simple search for Non-Profit Dog Shelters, Dog Rescues, or Dog Care and Training. There are many generous and caring people in these organizations who give so much of themselves and their time to build an awareness of the needs of their dogs for a better and brighter future for our beloved pets.

The statement, “A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog” could not be more accurate. Dogs, by their very nature, are born with the instinct to respond and follow their pack leader. Therefore, a dog who understands and is secure in his place in his human pack, is not only a happier dog, but also a dog who does not become a liability to the populace in general.

The truly knowledgeable and devoted in the Dog Training World know there is no better way to instill your place as pack leader than with the use of Positive Reinforcement.

There are countless groups of responsible training organizations, who are working hard to eliminate the antiquated and oftentimes cruel methods of the bygone era of force training. This committed group gives willingly of their time once or twice a week to educate and provide assistance to owners who need to instill in their dogs that secure place in the pack.

To acquire that position, responsible trainers use the benefits of those non-force methods in their classes to teach the five basic commands every dog should know:

1) Come

2) Sit

3) Stay

4) Heel, and

5) Down

These exercises are not just “for show”. Their usefulness transcends into the future for all dogs and goes a long way to guaranteeing our continued benefit and companionship of dogs.

Every individual who attends a dog training class should do so with one thing in mind, and that is to acquire the communication skills necessary to create the bond between themselves and their dogs, for the mutual benefit of both. It is the obligation of the instructor to guarantee those results.


The Training of the Trainers

There is no formal accreditation necessary to bill yourself a “Dog Trainer”. Most trainers are people who have learned the skill, through the school of hard knocks, and practical hands-on experience training their own dogs, are now reaching out to sharing their newly-acquired knowledge and experiences with others.

There is currently a great and encouraging movement for trainers and their affiliated clubs to develop accreditation through one of the nonprofit organizations, like the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) or the National Dog Owners Association.

Let us not forget that outstanding organization, The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), established in 2001 that have developed a demanding criteria for trainers to prove their proficiency and expertise in the modern world of Operant Conditioning Training. You can rest assured that anyone with a CCPDT Certification is a true professional and a dedicated expert to his craft.

It is unquestionably this writer’s dream that someday all dogs will have the benefit of being able to cement that bond of devotion, with a caring and responsible trainer/owner. This dream rests solely in the hands of the dog trainers of tomorrow.

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