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Is a Dog’s life really such a Boring One?

Is a Dog’s life really such a Boring One?


It’s a Dogs Life!

How many times have you heard this phrase uttered in the past? You’ll usually hear it from people who have little going on in their lives except for the usually boring household chores. But is the phrase “it’s a dog’s life” really accurate in such a scenario? If you think about it, the average dog’s life actually looks quite nice in comparison. And then when you also consider all the cool dog stuff and dog treats out there, you may see that the opposite is actually true.


Nevertheless, there has to be some truth in the phrase that rings a bell with so many dog owners. A dog is seldom granted the independence to do whatever it wants. We are able to go and get a bite whenever we want – and our toilet is somehow much more convenient to use. All in all, a dog’s life is often lies in the hands of its owner who has complete control over the dog’s actions.

Give Companion Dogs a Break From Time to Time:

Remember to cut your dog a little slack, keeping everything that was mentioned above in your mind. Don’t treat them like idiots when they do something wrong. A lot of the time it’s your fault anyway for not giving your dog the clear communication necessary  in it’s training.  Some dogs may also be very slow to react to your orders on days when they feel a bit sluggish. In reality, they want nothing more than to please their owners since that gives them an overwhelming feeling of pleasure.

The importance of being patient should also be highlighted as it is in virtually all walks of life.

Whatever your need for reaching the most effective behavior patterns in your friend, always remember to be consistent, patient and use a lot of common sense, and most of all compassionate.


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